About Texas Wine & Spirits Alliance

The mission of the Alliance is to support the continuing growth and diversity of the Texas wine and spirits industry.
The Alliance accomplishes this mission by providing business education opportunities for wine and spirits entrepreneurs, engaging in research that provides solutions to business problems of wine and spirits firms, and supporting internship and entrepreneurial opportunities for students enrolled in the McCoy College of Business at Texas State University.
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Our Faculty

Director Cecily Raiborn

Director Cecily Raiborn is also the McCoy Endowed Chair in Accounting at Texas State University. She has a PhD in Accounting from Louisiana State University and is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Certified Fraud Examiner. Cecily has published numerous articles about internal controls, ethics, and organizational fraud in (among others) Strategic Finance, Corporate Reputation Review, Business and Society Review, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance as well as being the sole author on a core concepts of financial/managerial accounting textbook and a co-author on nine editions of a cost accounting text.

Associate Director Janet B. Butler

Associate Director Janet B. Butler is a Professor and Assistant Chair in the Department of Accounting at Texas State University. She earned PhD and Masters degrees from the University of Georgia, and is a Certified Information Technology Professional and a Certified Global Management Accountant. She is also a Nebraska CPA (inactive). An award-winning author and educator, Janet has authored or co-authored more than 20 articles. Her research has been published in journals including Issues in Accounting Education, Strategic Finance, and The Journal of the American Taxation Association.

Deputy Director Linda Campbell

Deputy Director Linda Campbell, PhD, CPA, CGMA teaches and researches at Texas State University in the areas of individual and business taxation and financial accounting. Prior to her entrance into academia, Linda worked both in industry and as a tax manager for the accounting firm of Deloitte. She has published numerous accounting articles in both academic and practitioner journals. Linda and her husband have lived in Fredericksburg, Texas for almost 30 years.

Alliance Activities

This organization provides a cooperative means by which  faculty in the McCoy College of Business can interact with entrepreneurs engaged in the production of Texas craft wines and spirits.
Industry members and faculty will have the opportunity to exchange information and ideas, gain insights into best practices, and build a relationship network of business resources relative to production and operating activities in this expanding dynamic and multifaceted Texas industry.

Anticipated activities of the Alliance include:

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